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Who we are

We are a 3PM (Third-Party Merchant), omni-channel sales company specializing in online fulfillment direct to consumers. We concentrate on streamlined logistics through multiple fulfillment channels and shipping sources. The platform allows distributors and manufacturers the ability to list across an omni-channel platform through our proprietary multi-channel listing software, Listernaut. We funnel retailer returns through a streamlined re-listing process across multiple e-commerce platforms.

Our catch all funnel breaks down in verticals by industry, allowing us to minimize the waste caused by returns from the Nation’s largest retailers.

The future of retail and service

An ever changing way of buying and selling products and services is upon us. Due to purchasing convenience and safety, people are shifting to more on an online consumer pattern. We help companies to take their inventories fully digital, and omni-channel to give your customers the best possible buying experience.

Rocket's proprietary multi-channel listing software allows anyone to sell their products and services across most e-commerce channels, and we are working on more everyday.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you tackle this intimidating and cutting edge sales process, please contact us.

Technology is best when it brings people together

- Matt Mullenweg

Our values

At the heart of what we do is helping others. We aim to help businesses of all size to compete on the fastest growing retail marketplaces. If you are not prepared for this shift, we want to help you ease this work load.

We can help by taking your inventory digital and omni-channel, help reduce your companies carbon footprint, reduce real estate overhead, and greatly improve waste due to returns no longer to be sold at retail storefronts. We can even help to consolidate logistics through the Nation's largest carriers. For more information please contact us.


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